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What The World Needs

Over the last month, various circumstances have aligned to remind me of an obvious and basic truth of life.  It’s as if God started setting up dominoes a few weeks ago, in an intricate pattern of intertwining circles that He … Continue reading

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He is in Control

I feel like Peter today. There’s a storm raging around me – both literally and figuratively. I’ve been in storms before so my heart really should know where to find its’ rest. I know where my eyes should focus in … Continue reading

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Her Greatest Fear

How is it possible?  How can a memory hold such power that the thought of it stirs up emotion that causes goosebumps to form on her arm?  How could such an insignificant memory have such a profound impact on years … Continue reading

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A Down Day

I’m having a down day.  I often wonder what other people do with those days.  It seems like I’m the only person that feels like pulling the covers back over my head every once in a while (besides the teenagers … Continue reading

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