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As I pray tonight for my friends (especially my girlfriends), I am reminded of this Victor Hugo quote and I ask that God would breath His Spirit into their hearts so they can “mount up on wings like eagles.” “Be like the bird who, … Continue reading

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Wrapped up in Love

Homemade cotton quilts have a smell – a  mix of dust, smoke from winter fireplaces, hints of grass and soil from summer picnics and the musty fragrance of a cedar chest. They also tell a story.  The pink dogwood print … Continue reading

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What Nicki Minaj Might Teach Us About Beauty

So, about this Nicki Minaj vs VMA thing… To be honest,   she sounds like a spoiled kid that lost a soccer tournament but throws a fit because she wants a trophy anyway.  BUT, there is one issue that I agree with … Continue reading

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 It’s said that man grows numb to beauty. That he gazes upon the eternal long enough to become dead to it. Staring blindly at the very things that once thrilled his soul and caused his heart to cry out in … Continue reading

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The Year’s First Taste of Fall

I live with inner conflict.  I love  people but I crave solitude.  I love to bake but avoid cooking. I am obsessed with reality TV but long to yank every single television set out of my home.  I am compelled … Continue reading

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The Music These Kids Listen To

I  love music.  Pretty much all music. Well… not so much heavy metal, but don’t hold that against me.  Occasionally I’ll torture my girls by making them listen to classic rock or songs from the 70’s but  I  think they … Continue reading

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