He is in Control


I feel like Peter today.

There’s a storm raging around me – both literally and figuratively.

I’ve been in storms before so my heart really should know where to find its’ rest.

I know where my eyes should focus in order to ride it out… or better yet, on whom.

And for a few seconds, here and there, I keep my balance.  Joy rests in my mind and I have the confidence of knowing that my peace doesn’t rest in the hands of man.

In a moment of supernatural grace, I remember that though my freedom, my reputation, my possessions or my life be taken….it is well with my soul.

…. but then the wind kicks up, the darkness grows deeper, the air gets colder, people seem full of hate and I begin to sink.

So quickly I can sink.

Into hopelessness over how easily man hates one another. Into anger over what we feel is important and how short-sighted we all can be. Into fear over the pleasure we find in the suffering of our enemies. Into anxiety over how little we care about holiness when compared to our own desires. Into sadness over how your heart must be grieving….

…. not only because of the world but grieving over how quickly I lose sight of your eyes and fall into the murky, cold darkness of night.

All the while you are saying “Remember, you’re a child of light” and reaching out to grab me.

And I surrender to your strong and faithful arms to lift me out of myself. To turn my face to yours again even as the rain falls around us.  To breath your life into my soul and to tell me again that I need not doubt.

You are in control.


1 Thessalonians 5:5-8

You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.   For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night.  But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.

Matthew 14:28-33

Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”  “Come,” he said.   Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.   But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”   

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down. Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

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A One Man Woman

me and steveAs I talked to someone about marriage the other day, I remembered a guy from high school that scoffingly reacted to my beliefs about “casual” sex with “So, you’re literally only going to be with one person your whole life?”  That attitude is the norm these days and it worries me for so many people who are struggling in their marriages because it gives them the idea that there isn’t anything worth fighting for anyway.

Statistics say that sex in a healthy marriage is better than casual sex…. although I’m not sure how they prove that. I can attest to the fact that if you learn to deal with stress, make your relationship a priority, work through issues and get your hormones fixed when they’re out of wack (Thank you, Lord, for Dr. Fein!!) – sex can be exciting and new and wonderful and better than ever even after 27 years.  (I’ll leave it at that or my kids may spontaneously combust.)

This whole idea started me thinking about all the wonderful things that go along with being married and sticking with someone over the long haul. I mean, how great is it that Steve doesn’t mind waking up next to me with morning breath?  He isn’t turned off when I’m sick and he’s never made fun of me for drooling in my sleep or snorting myself awake.  (Well, maybe he’s made fun of the snorting a little…. but it only happened once or twice.)  Sharing a history and a life with only one other human who completely understands it all is weirdly wonderful.  Watching our kids grow up, worrying about them, praying for them, celebrating with them…. together….is the best thing ever.  He has seen me when I’ve been horrible and hateful and chooses to love and forgive me anyway.  I’ve seen him at his most hurtful and stubborn and choose to do the same. Realizing that we are both not holding onto our youth anymore and our faces will soon resemble our parents more than what we know of ourselves is scary but knowing that Steve will still tell me I’m the most beautiful girl in the world is so sweet.  I even think he’s convinced himself to believe it’s true and that’s completely humbling.   On the days that we don’t feel that love, we’ve prayed and committed to figuring it out and, for a girl that always expected people to get tired of her, that’s the most secure feeling in the world.  He knows how I like my bath, when I need to go run, what songs I love, every story of every dog I’ve ever owned, where most of them are buried, my routines, my habits, my fears….

He knows me.  Probably better than I know myself.  I’m sure better than I know him.

Both of us have had moments when this life wasn’t meeting our needs and we could have left.  Both of us have been selfish and done hurtful things that pushed the other person to, what seemed like, the other side of the universe.  But, somehow, God continues to remind us of what we have and what can be and how much He can heal… and we stay.  Because what would life be like if we didn’t.  I can’t even go there.

There are so many people that don’t make it to this point and my heart hurts for them.  Especially those that desire to work things out but whose partners aren’t able or willing to do the painful and selfless work it takes to get to the other side.  I don’t know why that is and I feel a bit of guilt about the fact that I’m not one of them.  Marriage never “stops” though.  I guess Steve or I could decide tomorrow that we’re bored and need some new excitement in our life.  I guess one of us could still disengage to the point of destroying what we have.  I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it happen.  And I also know how much work it takes to stay happy, so I can only assume that if we stopped working at it, it could all fall apart.  But why would I want to trade being known and loved for a series of one night stands with strangers?  Why would I want to start all over again with someone if I didn’t absolutely have to?  That was the question that made me think about the guy from high school.

I don’t know where he is today and he probably wouldn’t like me any more now than he did then, but I hope he found someone to love.  I hope his life is as full and happy and safe as mine.  I’ve done plenty of stupid things in my life.  Plenty of things I never thought I’d do and would change if I could but I’ve also done one thing pretty well.  I tried to build a marriage that would last.  It’s not been easy.  Just the opposite.  It’s been excruciating at times.  Even now, after 27 years, we have problems and issues and we butt heads and I get frustrated or disappointed and Steve gets angry or hurt but we’ve tasted how good it can be and won’t ever settle for less. So, I’d have to tell my 18-year-old self to stick to her guns.  Life with one person, if it’s a Godly, humble and kind person, is worth it after all.


marriage-worth-fighting-for-cover[On a side note, Steve and I have a book coming out next year about marriage but he has a short e-book available on his webpage that’s really great. It’s totally free and, I think, would be helpful for any married couple.  You can find it at http://www.stevelawson.us.]

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Too Cool to be Kind or Too Kind to be Cool?

being-kind-isnt-always-easy-cap-watkinsHere’s my question of the day.   When did kindness stop being cool?

I mean, I think it was back in the late 80’s but all the hairspray altered my memory a bit, so I could be wrong.  Regardless of when, it seems to be the case that hateful, selfish, arrogant people not only get ahead in our culture, they become role models for some unimaginable reason.

I could list names but I’m sure you can come up with your own.  Politicians, athletes, actors, singers, social media “stars” and the like.  It wasn’t that long ago when a person who was openly unkind, cocky, out of control, bragged about taking advantage of someone or simply was full of themselves had to fear criticism, the loss of income or even less popularity.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case these days.  In fact, it seems like the cruder a person can act the more famous they become.

Granted, our culture no longer respects and desires the level of character and integrity that the Bible calls people to; but, most of the people that read my blog claim to be followers of Christ, therefore, I’m mainly speaking to us as Christians.  Do you look up to people that exemplify the very things that should bring conviction in your life?  Are you shocked or bothered by the fact that many who call themselves Christians often idolize the same people that proudly exemplify the opposite of what God defines as good and holy?  Things such as servant hood, selflessness, generosity, sacrificial living, suffering for others, kindness, truthfulness, humility, gentleness, modesty, hard work, lack of self awareness or the need to be seen…. the list could go on and on.   Isn’t that who we see when we look at Jesus?  It’s even in the Old Testament.   Israel was given clear instructions to respect the elders, search long and hard for the owner of something that was lost instead of keeping it, never cheat, never  steal, help a neighbor in trouble, give  10% of what you have and leave even more for those who are in need…you get the picture.

This may make more sense to many of us that grew up watching TV.  I’m talking about “Little House on the Prairie” values. Common sense standards that most people use to live by because we knew they made for a better society.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, how pretty you are or how much money you have – how you speak, act and treat people should be more important than anything.  A culture that idolizes and reveres meanness ends up with a country full of bullies.

And that’s literally the case in our time as we can see from the top to the bottom of our culture.

And yet, people don’t seem to be bothered. I can only wonder why. Maybe because getting what you want is the highest priority.  The problem is, that will actually get us exactly what we don’t want and we’re watching that play out in race relations, politics, finances and more.

Thank goodness there are still some in the public eye who live there lives with kindness, generosity, gentleness and love.  I’m hoping for the day when the negative actions of people will disgust the general public and be ignored by the media.  When the news consists of story after story of people that turned bad situations into opportunities to do something good.  When this standard is what our children want to rise to simply because it’s how they would want to be treated.

After all, contrary to popular belief, “God helps those that help themselves” is no where in the Bible. BUT “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” certainly is.  As Ellen DeGeneres says, “Be kind to one another.” I agree.


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Options other than Offended? Please!

If you’re on the more “mature side” you may remember Popeye and his famous fighting words, “I’ve stood all I can stands and I can’t stands no more.”

I’m with you Popeye!

I’m done with this three ring circus of a Presidential election. It’s been so hard not to post a blog or two.  I’ve even tried to stop remarking on Facebook but people make that so dang difficult.

Remember Psalm 149:3? “O Lord, place a guard on my mouth! Protect the opening of my lips!”  Yeah…I have that memorized.

It’s not that I don’t think I have valid thoughts.  I do.    I even think they’re balanced and encouraging no matter who you are or what side you fall on.  The problem is – people don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t agree with their thoughts.  Does the dumbing down of America sound appropriate right about now? Yep,  no one wants to think, reason or debate.  They just want to throw stones, hate on people, have a hissy fit like a two-year-old and just, generally, find any flippin’ thing they can find to be offended about.

When did we become a nation of weak, whiney, butt-hurt babies?  It’s embarrassing and terrifying really.  Personally, I think all the grown adults in this country should get a life and stop being so offended by everything that comes out of someone else’s mouth.

My husband is keeping up with all the controversies swirling around the election and the Olympics.  Every time he starts to read another article I find myself rolling my eyes and tuning him out because “I can’t stands no more!”  Just to remind you of what I’m talking about, I’ll list a few.

  1. Adoptive parents threw a fit when an announcer twitted that Simone Bile’s grandparents weren’t her parents.
  2. Republicans threw a fit because Hillary Clinton congratulated fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad but not air rifle gold medal winner Ginny Thrasher.
  3. Gun control activists blast Ginny Thrasher and America for winning at air rifle.
  4. African American announcers belittle the medals won by Michael Phelps because his sport is an “elite sport” that most African Americans don’t participate in.
  5. Trump and his supporters attack Ghazala Khan for not speaking at the Democratic convention.
  6. Students were offended by a restaurant called “Illegal Pete’s”, the American flag, Trump supporters, the quality of ethnic food such as General Tso’s chicken because it was culturally insensitive (yes, seriously, look it up), classmates who disagreed with them, and the mention of God. (Among a long list of other things because, apparently, our college students are the most offended of all.  Thank you mommies and daddies that never taught the lesson that the world doesn’t revolve around their little opinions. And yes, I realize that offends you.)

The list could go on and on.  But here’s a thought that might cause some people to scratch their heads.  You don’t have to be offended by everything that someone else thinks, does or says.

Hmmmm.  Imagine that.

Let’s see how that might play out.

  1. Choose a more positive tone such as “I’m so blessed to know the love of being an adoptive parent and that my child only sees me as mom.” Or simply realize that the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and ignore him.
  2. Realize that Hillary hasn’t congratulated every athlete and, like it or not, both candidates are strategically saying things for their campaign. BOTH OF THEM.  Allow Ibtihaj the joy of her medal and just chill.
  3. Again, CHILL. She won a freakin’ gold medal and deserves to enjoy it. Air rifle is not a reflection of gun violence or lack of gun control. It’s just a target sport just like archery.
  4. Once again…. it’s a gold medal.  Some respect please? But are we saying that a sport only counts if everyone can do it?  Gymnastics is difficult to compete in at a high level because of the availability and cost of coaching but is anyone going to complain about that now that Simon Bile’s has schooled the world? Let’s not forget about Sailing, BMX, Archery, Horse Back Riding and any of the winter sports that people in Texas can’t train for.
  5. Who has the right to judge the way any grieving parent acts? I can tell you that my Southern Baptist mother, if put in that situation, wouldn’t have said a word.  She just wouldn’t be able to.  Right or wrong, based on their faith or not, can’t we stop putting our assumptions and judgments on people and let them be who they are even if it’s different?
  6. This one dumbfounds me.  Basically,  the better option is to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat. You will never find a time or place in life when everything is easy and comfortable, nor should you want to.  Contrary to what our culture may have told you,  being  comfortable doesn’t help you to grow and mature. So when people disagree with you or you find something not to your liking,  deal with why but don’t fault those that don’t agree with you.  They have as much a right to their opinion as you do.  The truth is,  they are doing you a favor by bringing to your attention the fact that you are going to be slammed in the face by life if you don’t learn to deal with adversity and disagreements in a more productive way.

Those are just a few examples and the fact that I’ve remarked on them my sound like I’m offended but that’s not how I feel.   I feel worried, not offended.  A society that can’t communicate, dialogue and allow for differences is doomed in my view.  How quickly we have divided ourselves and allowed those divisions to make us angry at one another.  The thought of disagreeing about something, debating the issue and then allowing people to have their opinions without placing moral judgments about that person on those opinions is a foreign concept.  I’m praying that the extreme nature of where we are will shock the majority of us into reacting differently.  Can we stop allowing the media to push our buttons and start telling them where to go with their trash?   Can we start actively trying to have dialogue with those we’ve come to hate and build some bridges of understanding?  Can we find the humanity in our hearts and start to base our words and reactions on that?

That would be such a refreshing change and a beautiful world to live in.  Don’t you think?

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“Children” of Mine

1509246_10203513459823914_4072745267972785672_nIt’s baby season in our town.  They’re popping out all over the place. Beautiful and precious babies that are poised to learn all kinds of things from this world and the people around them.That’s both terrifying and promising in the world we have created for ourselves.

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed watching news reports about the Kuwaiti oil fires, holding my brand new baby girl and crying massive hormonal tears over the state of the world I had brought her into.  It was a mess.

It still is.

While I was pregnant, I also remember hearing words that made me furious but that I also understood. “I could never bring a child into this world.” (Never say that to a woman who  is pregnant, by the way.) I wonder if people have thought that same thing throughout history.  I mean, we’ve created a world that can easily cause us to be hopeless, fearful and jaded but history proves that many had reason to feel the same way throughout the centuries. To be honest, mankind has always had an amazing ability to be horrible, evil and hateful to one another.  All of us.


I’m older now and, although I fight suffocating fear (at times) over the state of our world, I have seen and realized something powerful and beautiful. Something that reflects beautifully on my loving, forgiving, gracious, redeeming and restorative God. The beauty is that, sometimes, these babies grow up to be amazing men and women that can change the world for good.

My girls for instance.  I am so in love with each of them and I am proud of how they each are learning to love people – fiercely.  They fail sometimes, but they’re resilient and determined to get better at it and, although stubbornness runs in our blood to a fault, they’re each willing to humble themselves in order to love more like Jesus does.  I’d like to think they saw me screw up and apologize enough to realize it isn’t awful to fail.  What’s awful is to fail and not recognize or admit that fact.

But, lest you write me off as an annoying mom that thinks too highly of my children, I’d like to tell you about the other “children” in my life.  The babies that I watched grow up alongside my babies.  The friends that blessed our home with laughter and joy and love over the last 27 years.  The teens that have grown into some of the most amazing adults I’ve ever known.

When I start to worry that our world is full of selfish, uneducated, disrespectful, lazy young people, God is quick to correct me and bring them to mind.

I’ll start with the handsome Godly young man who was born 2 days before my youngest and has been a treasured friend of hers’ since that day.  He’s also my best friends baby and I cried at his graduation as if he were my own. Because I have girls, most of the friends that came into our lives were girls but this young man is worth mentioning first and foremost.  He is smart and kind and such a hard worker.  He treats women with respect and is strong and funny. He gives me hope because a generation of men like him could turn everything around.

There’s the group of girls that accepted my oldest when she changed schools and knew no one.  They’ve grown into beautiful, intelligent loving women.  Two are nurses and give of themselves daily.  One is on the other side of our huge state but can melt my heart with a text that says, “Happy Birthday mama.” And they are loving, level-headed and Godly women.

There’s the golden-haired beauty that has been my middle’s best friend their whole lives.  (She also happens to be my niece.) She’s resilient, loyal, super smart, driven and totally focused.  She brings light and love wherever she goes.

There are the sisters of the before mentioned young man.  The eldest is sensitive, humble and selfless like no one I know.  She and I are kindred spirits.  She devours books, sends people hand written cards, prays for her patients as a nurse, loves with abandon and glows with a beauty you would be blessed to see.  The youngest is one of the best friends my youngest has ever had.  They are more like sisters.  They fight and argue sometimes but they love each other and have one another’s backs even when they disagree.  She’s a force.  Seriously.  And the world will not ignore her.

There are many more that I could mention. Many faces that I can picture rummaging through my frig, watching movies on my couch,  keeping Steve and I up late at night, taking pictures before dances, celebrating with or hugging us after a soccer game, getting sick at a sleep over,  listening to Steve affirm and love them when they didn’t have a man in their life to tell them they should be treated like a Princess (he really loved them all like they were his own), having conversations about dating, school, life, God……there are so many people and so many memories that I treasure. This is one of the blessings of being a parent that you aren’t told about…and it’s precious.

And then there’s Zoe.  Sweet Zoe.  Her family came to our church when she was just a little girl.  Her mom has been one of the most influential women in my life when it comes to my faith and becoming a woman of God.  Zoe has seen me at my worst, at my best and everywhere in between.  She’s seen me yell, she’s seen me jump to conclusions, she’s seen me love and worship Jesus, She’s seen me fail and (I hope) she’s seen me apologize and try to learn from my mistakes.  I’ve seen her grow through difficult times.  I’ve seen her run hard after truth so that she could stand on her own two feet. I’ve seen her love and befriend two of my girls at different stages of life.  She’s been my youngest daughter’s best friend and roommate for 2 years and she has been a stabilizing force for her when life has been less than stable. She wants to be a doctor for special needs kids.  She will.  And she’ll be great.

Zoe’s getting married next week. She found an amazing young man that proves there are other’s out their like Will (the one I mentioned earlier).  Steve is honored to do the wedding and  I’m positive I will cry.  This isn’t the first marriage for one of these “children” of mine.   These kiddos that I’ve watched grow up in our church and in our home have become adults. I’m in awe of them and I’m so glad their parents chose to bring them into this world.  Not only have they improved my life, I have no doubt that God will use them wherever they go.

It’s still scary…this world I mean.  We have too much hate to go around and not enough love.  But, I find hope in the flow of God’s love in and through the lives of His people.  People like these “children” of mine.

Did I mention there’s a precious baby growing in my first baby’s tummy?   That could be why I started down this train of thought, I guess.  I think about that baby a lot lately as well as all the ones being born around me and I realize one fundamental truth…life is uncertain.  It always has been. But then I realize another fundamental truth…every baby brings hope into this world.

What a difference it would make if they were all loved.  If they were all taught to love.  If they were introduced to the author of love.  A generation raised to become an army of light. Not of prejudice, hate, pride, greed or judgement.

Because I remember so many  babies that I’ve seen grow into beautiful human beings, I am able to find hope again. Hope that each child can make a difference. Each child is important.  Each child can be the hands and feet of God and help lift someone out of the darkness.

And then I pray that we all would remember that of ourselves. And chose to live accordingly.

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Hot Texas Women

strong womenIt’s July in Texas!

Seems like that just happened a year ago and it’s too soon to go through it again. 😉  Let’s not even talk about August.  Ugh.

We haven’t hit the triple digits yet so I can tell that my tolerance is decreasing as my age increases, which would seem normal until I watch my mom and dad.  They work in their yard and vegetable gardens almost everyday.    Honestly, they both put me to shame and make me proud all at the same time; but, as a woman, I’m especially awed by my mom. She’s a tiny lady with both physical and mental strength that is mind blowing.  One of my earliest memories is watching her whip egg whites by hand and thinking, “Her arms are so strong!”  I still watch her mow, dig, haul, chop, carry and lift things only to think the same thing.

This morning, like many mornings, I did my whole “Crossfitty” thing with some amazing men and women. But, as I drove home, the ladies that I’ve been sweating with for the last year flashed through my brain and all I could think was, “Dang! They’re strong!!”

And they really are.  For lots of different reasons, but when it comes to health and taking care of themselves they truly are rock stars.


the tiny pregnant dynamo that keeps me on my toes and pushes me to do better.

the middle age woman that decided she wasn’t going to grow old and weak like so many around her-so now she’s a bad ass.

those determined ones that are starting from ground zero but choose to see their improvements, no matter how small, as victorious instead of discouraging.

the mom that wants to be happy and healthy in order to watch her kids grow up so she wakes up before dawn for a workout.

the petite beauty that could barely do a push up when she started but can keep up with everyone else now.

the mother and daughter who work out together every morning, rain or shine, and encourage everyone else along the way.

the handful of new moms that worked out faithfully for their entire pregnancies.

the nurses that make time to take care of themselves after long days and long nights of taking care of everyone else.

the woman that had a horrible accident only to be told by doctors that she wouldn’t be able to walk normally again, but who now finishes every workout no matter how much it hurts.

the beautiful “50 something” that ran her first 5K recently.

the young single mom who takes her kids to the track after work so she can run bleachers.

…and so many more.

I honestly felt proud to be a woman as I thought about these ladies and so many more that I haven’t mentioned. They motivate me.  They push me.  They encourage me.  They make me laugh.

Don’t get me wrong!  I’m not saying that physical strength is the only manifestation of being a strong woman, but it is one of them.  And I do purposefully write this blog as an encouragement to grow spiritually, relationally and physically.

So…. today I’m proud of all the women that have taken their health into their own hands and changed their lives.  I’m proud of those who decided the food they were eating was slowly killing them so they did something about it. I’m proud to be among woman that encourage one another to be the best they can be, whatever that looks like.   I’m proud that size, nor the amount you can lift, nor the color of your skin is the standard of beauty for these women.  And I’m proud to know them all.

Which leaves me with a terrible realization…I’ll be working out in this heat for the next few months because I hang around with some women that just make you want to keep going.

Thanks a lot ladies!  ❤

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“For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”
James 2:10
woman carrying stones
To pray that you would show me the ugliness of my sin is to ask for a mountain to fall upon my soul and to crush it.

Not to ask is to remain in a place of self-sufficiency that cognitively concedes to my need for a Savior without fully seeing and understanding my desperate position without it.

One is a place of death and sorrow.
The other is a place of comfort and pleasure.

I have chosen the first and you have been faithful.

But I had no idea what I would see and now I lay here, face down, wondering how you can see all of this, in all of us, and not turn away.

Because I want to turn away.

I want to pretend I am who I thought I was.  A sinner…but a sinner that had things pretty well cleaned up.  A sinner that was graciously spared from serious sin which, I guess, made me more comfortable with your love.

But then I asked.  (Maybe even forgot that I asked.)  But you answered.

And you cared enough to shake the solid ground around me. To reveal my weakness and insecurities and the faults in the ground I thought was stable.  To allow my voice to be silenced, my security to be taken away and my salvation to seem impossible.

You cared enough to show me the darkness in my soul.  To open my eyes to the truth that I am the person I never wanted to be….I always was.

To reveal the utter horror of the labels I should wear.  Liar, murderer, thief, hypocrite, gossip, slanderer, jealous and greedy neighbor, idol-worshipper, adulterer, arrogant and insecure fake….name it….I should wear it.

And the mountain crumbled.

And I crumbled.

And the shallow faith of a believer that never knew the cost of her redemption crumbled into the dust.

Into darkness,

and fear

and shame.

and silence.

But you are faithful and good.  And you speak.

In fact…you sing.

With strength and power and life.

Because you know and have always known that this place of death and sorrow is exactly where your love and grace and salvation are truly understood.

And truly received.

Only in this place where I realize I am not only the cause of your sacrifice but the recipient of its outcome can I truly know your love? Only there can I truly know your hope.

Your redemption,

Your forgiveness

Your incredible ability to accept the unacceptable.

To cleanse the stained and to restore the lost, lonely and confused.

The rubble that crushes becomes the very rubble that creates an altar of gratitude.

How can you see me, perfect and holy King of Kings.

How can you forgive me, your child who chose to walk in darkness?

How can you love me, Lamb of God?

It’s beyond my understanding.

But you do.

You know me.

You sing life over me.

You call me to obey.

And you open my eyes to this incredible, beautiful, long-suffering love that calls me out of darkness into your wonderful light.

And what more can I do but praise you with every breath I take?

“Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight!  Yes, what joy for those whose record the LORD has cleared of guilt, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!”   Psalms 32:1-2

























































































































































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