Simply Me

So, this is my family.  (Well,  everyone except the funny guy photobombing us in the back.) I’m married to a loving, kind, smart and sexy man that amazes me more and more each year that we’re together.   We have three daughters who have brought more joy into our lives than I could ever express, a wonderful son in law, 4 dogs, 3 grand-dogs, a grand-cat and a herd of longhorns.  (Well,  my husband takes care of the longhorns but they are pretty cool.) Besides my family (and animals), I love dancing, traveling, the beach, gardening and all things Cajun.

I love working out.  I remember being in 2nd grade when I ran my first mile without stopping and I haven’t stopped since.  Fitness isn’t about what size clothes you wear. It’s about living a healthy, strong and fulfilled life and taking care of the body God has given you no matter what limitations that body might have.  (Well….and I have brothers so, it’s also about trying to keep up with the boys.)

But most importantly,  I’m a follower of Christ.  I want everything I do to honor Him and hope that anything I write would point others to Him.  I’m sure that isn’t always the case, but that’s the goal.  So, as I vent, process, laugh and cry through the thoughts that I type here, I hope anyone that happens to be reading will see that, through it all…Christ is the center.  He is hope, He is grace, He is love and He is peace.

Welcome to my thoughts and I hope you’ll share yours as well.


2 thoughts on “Simply Me

  1. Sounds like an Amazing Women living a Blessed Life in Christ! Thanks for the prayers today from you and the Doctor! 🙂


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