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I am... a follower of Jesus Christ wife to a man that still amazes me after almost 30 years mom to three amazing women and mother-in-law to one amazing son-in-law a dog person energized by the outdoors a fitness junky an emotional person who writes to minimize the chaos that often invades my brain compelled to worship blessed by friends a mess that is grateful for the grace that covers my life and excited to see what happens next... [twitter-follow screen_name='kbug66']

Broken to Worship

Youthful ignorance saw myself as average.  A pretty vessel that could be used by the master but was just as easily left on the shelf as an addition to His collection our passed over in favor of the beautiful vases … Continue reading

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“Once And For All”

I’ve found so many beautiful new songs lately that I haven’t turned my Spotify off for days.  It’s playing all the time and I often fall asleep with earphones in and the timer set.  Randomly shuffling through my worship playlist … Continue reading

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“So Will I”

I’ve wanted to start a series of devotions based on worship music for a while now.  Personally, music touches the core of who I am and can speak truth into places that are cold and hard to the influence of … Continue reading

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Let the Wind Blow Like a Hurricane

I was sitting on the front porch swing this morning like I normally do when it’s not 110 degrees.  Suddenly, my dog, “Stupid”, ran off after a squirrel.  She’s cute as a bug and tiny, but she thinks she’s as … Continue reading

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The Secret To a Happy Marriage (Remember the term: Tongue and Cheek )

Steve hasn’t been able to sleep lately.  He’s had this problem before, but I thought it was in the past.  Unfortunately for him, it seems to have reared its ugly head with fervor.  I actually miss those nights when I … Continue reading

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I’ve been praying for light lately.  Light that reveals truth.  Light that gives direction. Light that chases away darkness.  I’ve been praying that we would recognize His light, that we would be drawn to it, comforted by it, changed in … Continue reading

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Just Eat Something Already

Can I just say (like I do every year) that it’s freakin’ hot in Texas during July and August? This year has been mild in comparison, but still… It sucks the drive right out of me to workout.  Even with … Continue reading

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