Dancing with Daddy

dancing on daddy's shoesDo you know how special you are to me, little one?  You’re my daughter. My treasure!

I love it when you walk in my footsteps and imitate me. I’m absolutely blessed as you try to become more and more like me and  I smile at your attempts… no matter how weak they may be. You’re so fun to be with and I’m so proud of you.  So, come dance with me! Stand on my feet and I’ll lead your steps.  Come watch the sunset with me and name the birds and trees and flowers.  Notice people with me. Wonder about their stories, make them smile and show them my love and grace. Enjoy all that I’ve made for you. Everything!  It’s all a gift of love from me to you.

Find peace and safety in my presence because I’m strong. I’m your Daddy. I’ll protect you and fight for you. I’m filled with joy when you  run to me with your arms open wide and I’ll never refuse to lift you up and spin you around in laughter. Or hold you as you cry.  Or sing to you as you sleep and rest. So come to me, Sugar. Nothing you have done or will do can turn my heart away from you because you’re the apple of my eye. I long to see you walking in the knowledge and in the safety, love, joy, peace and purpose of my love Because, then….when you rest in that…. your eyes sparkle like the stars!

I am your home.  Your comfort. The place that builds you up and sends you out to be a “little me” in this world. Share who I am with others.  Let them see what a good Daddy is like.  What a daughter who is loved can overcome and become.  You are blessed, little one, and you are loved with a love that is greater than any sorrow or pain that life may bring,   I’m always with you. I’ll always be here to fight for you and I’m greater than you could ever imagine.  We can do more than you ever hoped.  Never doubt me and never doubt who you are because of me

My eyes never leave you, my arms always hold you and my love for you is fierce!

Love, Daddy”


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