A Metaphor for Young Moms

As I listened to my oldest daughter talk about the life of a young mom the other day, I clearly remembered writing this journal entry years ago.  The feelings of loneliness, boredom, doubt and exhaustion came flooding back and I had to rummage through old journals until I found it.  Not because it’s all that good; but, because I wanted to remind all you moms of this.   Life can seem like an endless list of pointless tasks but they aren’t pointless at all.  They will come to an end and you will miss them.  So,  love your kids with all you are through the big and little moments of life.  They go by all too quickly and they matter more than you know.

Windshield wipers wipe away the water with little weariness to the work they wage.

Back and forth they battle to beat back the beads of rain.

A sudden stop sends them into a silent slumber without a schedule to serve.

A metaphor of a mom’s madness as she merrily minds so many mundane things.

Runny noses, recipes, rides and random requests.

Often with that quiet roar of regret and doubt that she’s simply rearranging but rarely remedying anything.

Yet, she will yearn for her young and for that yawning exhaustion when the year finally comes…

And it stops.

When the torrent of activity ceases and the work seems done…

And those she loved can shine.


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