Hot Texas Women

strong womenIt’s July in Texas!

Seems like that just happened a year ago and it’s too soon to go through it again. 😉  Let’s not even talk about August.  Ugh.

We haven’t hit the triple digits yet so I can tell that my tolerance is decreasing as my age increases, which would seem normal until I watch my mom and dad.  They work in their yard and vegetable gardens almost everyday.    Honestly, they both put me to shame and make me proud all at the same time; but, as a woman, I’m especially awed by my mom. She’s a tiny lady with both physical and mental strength that is mind blowing.  One of my earliest memories is watching her whip egg whites by hand and thinking, “Her arms are so strong!”  I still watch her mow, dig, haul, chop, carry and lift things only to think the same thing.

This morning, like many mornings, I did my whole “Crossfitty” thing with some amazing men and women. But, as I drove home, the ladies that I’ve been sweating with for the last year flashed through my brain and all I could think was, “Dang! They’re strong!!”

And they really are.  For lots of different reasons, but when it comes to health and taking care of themselves they truly are rock stars.


the tiny pregnant dynamo that keeps me on my toes and pushes me to do better.

the middle age woman that decided she wasn’t going to grow old and weak like so many around her-so now she’s a bad ass.

those determined ones that are starting from ground zero but choose to see their improvements, no matter how small, as victorious instead of discouraging.

the mom that wants to be happy and healthy in order to watch her kids grow up so she wakes up before dawn for a workout.

the petite beauty that could barely do a push up when she started but can keep up with everyone else now.

the mother and daughter who work out together every morning, rain or shine, and encourage everyone else along the way.

the handful of new moms that worked out faithfully for their entire pregnancies.

the nurses that make time to take care of themselves after long days and long nights of taking care of everyone else.

the woman that had a horrible accident only to be told by doctors that she wouldn’t be able to walk normally again, but who now finishes every workout no matter how much it hurts.

the beautiful “50 something” that ran her first 5K recently.

the young single mom who takes her kids to the track after work so she can run bleachers.

…and so many more.

I honestly felt proud to be a woman as I thought about these ladies and so many more that I haven’t mentioned. They motivate me.  They push me.  They encourage me.  They make me laugh.

Don’t get me wrong!  I’m not saying that physical strength is the only manifestation of being a strong woman, but it is one of them.  And I do purposefully write this blog as an encouragement to grow spiritually, relationally and physically.

So…. today I’m proud of all the women that have taken their health into their own hands and changed their lives.  I’m proud of those who decided the food they were eating was slowly killing them so they did something about it. I’m proud to be among woman that encourage one another to be the best they can be, whatever that looks like.   I’m proud that size, nor the amount you can lift, nor the color of your skin is the standard of beauty for these women.  And I’m proud to know them all.

Which leaves me with a terrible realization…I’ll be working out in this heat for the next few months because I hang around with some women that just make you want to keep going.

Thanks a lot ladies!  ❤


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