long-hair-woman-on-swingI’ve been thinking about life lately.  How fragile it is.  How short it can be. How fleeting it is in the face of eternity. How it’s both insignificant and of great significance all at the same time. I’ve had so many thoughts and conversations that my mind started to crave a place of rest and  quiet.

So, I found a swing. My porch swing to be exact.  It could have been a park swing, a tire swing, I rope swing…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s outside and it…well…swings.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.

There’s something about a swing that soothes me – and my overly analytical mind often needs soothing. Especially this week.  As I listened to the birds and let my thoughts wander back and forth with the motion of the swing I found that they landed on one idea.  An idea that brought some hope to all my thoughts.

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.”  Romans 11:36

It’s not about me.  It’s not about any of us.  It’s all about Jesus.

I realize that this may sound harsh or idiotic if you don’t know Jesus, but I do know Him. I know the security that is found in living my life for Him instead of others.  I know the relief that comes when I stop promoting myself in this life and start promoting Him.  I’ve seen the peace that comes at the end of life when there is no doubt who that life was lived for. I’ve seen the joy and comfort found in the mundane or  painful life when that life is lived to bring Him glory instead of wasted in self-pity. I’ve learned the contentment that is found in finding Him to be my treasure rather than the endless list of my wants and desires.  I’ve  experienced the peace of trading my desire to be liked by others for the desire of being loved by Him.

This is my constant.  The swing that holds me and gently carries me away from my restless thoughts to the peace of God’s wisdom.  Contrary to what some may say,  being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean I stop thinking for myself. In fact,  I believe we are called to  think deeper than anyone else because we are given the opportunity to understand and share the  truths of love and eternity. But sometimes my questions are too big,  life becomes more than I can understand or  it hurts and I just can’t find my footing.  At those times, Jesus cradles me in His love and wisdom.  He allows me to swing back and forth, back and forth.  He’s patient as I question, rant, cry or laugh at the absurdity of this fragile life He’s given me. He listens and He waits.  He waits for my heart to calm. He waits for my eyes to refocus.

Sometimes it takes a while, but He doesn’t seem to mind.  So, today, I feel His love breathing hope back into my soul… but I think I’ll just hang out a little longer.woman-on-swing

Swinging.  Back and forth. Back and forth.

Knowing that He is faithful to hold me and pleased to love me in this life and forever.


8 thoughts on “Swinging

  1. I grew up with a porch swing built by my daddy. I wish I still had one. It’s like a form of meditation and serenity. Good post, Karen. It brought back a good memory.


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