Letting Go

Just letting goAs I read John 20 this morning, I realized how much I can be like Mary…so easily distracted by my pain, grief, loss or unexpected circumstances that I don’t see God’s provision standing right in front of me.
I’m beginning to think it’s because I expect His provision to look a certain way. After all, Mary was looking for a dead man’s body when Christ was providing a living savior.

How often do I expect so little or, worse than that, don’t expect anything at all from God? How many times does He try to lead me to something better than what I’ve lost only to find me staring at the death of that thing and refusing to turn around into something new and alive?

Who knows how much time I have wasted holding on to what I wanted…what I wished for….what I dreamed of….when He was wanting me to let go, walk in obedience and wait for something better.

But, my hope rests in the fact that He knows my name and will speak to me.  My faith rests in the fact the He leads those who love Him and those who seek Him above all else.  My obedience comes as I choose to let go of the past and walk into His future even if it doesn’t resemble what I wanted or expected. And my prayer is, “Jesus,  make my ears always able  to hear you and my heart always faithful to respond.”


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