A Healthy Body Ain’t Squat Without A Healthy Soul

pretty-is-as-pretty-doesHere we are at the last of my posts on health and beauty and I’ve decided that I’m much too random for a series on anything.  It’s sad to say, but four posts on the same topic was a bit of a commitment. Anyway,  my intention was to encourage us all towards a lifestyle that promotes health instead of idolizing some subjective ideal of beauty. I hope I did that.  I also hope I challenged you to make some healthy changes in how you eat, move and live.  But, today, I want to challenge you on the most important piece of the human puzzle (as far as I’m concerned) and that is the health of our souls.

It’s strange that we divide ourselves and compare ourselves based on height, weight, curves (or lack there of) and  skin coloring when we’re all the same deep down.  We all have souls.  We all have those big questions about why we matter and what the meaning of life is.  We all  long for peace. We all struggle with fear and insecurities. We all want to be loved and we all need a little help to find healing for our souls.

I want to tell you right up front that I’m a Christian.  My world view is such that I believe a perfect, holy and just God exists and that he is intimately involved with the events of this world.  I also believe that He wants to have a relationship with each of us, individually, that both heals our souls and glorifies his name to the world so that others will come to know His love as well.

(I probably should write a whole blog on that topic because it seems that many people have a perception of Christianity that is drastically different than what I believe it’s meant to be.  Unfortunately,  that misconception is far to often because people that claim to be Christians have misrepresented God.  Like I said, that’s another blog and one in which you can find great info at stevelawson.us.)

Because I live my life based on these beliefs and because I have witnessed the power of God’s love and forgiveness in healing peoples’ hearts, bodies and minds,  I would be irresponsible not to say that humans are not whole and healthy without addressing the needs of their souls.  I believe with everything in me that happiness, healing and wholeness is found in the living person of Jesus Christ and in living life by his instructions.

We can see it all around us.  The richest, “prettiest”, most admired people in the world can still be miserable.  A person can be healthy, strong and fearless but if they have a sad or sick soul, they don’t have squat.  On the other hand,  a person can be bed-ridden or struggling with a life threatening illness and have a joyful and peaceful soul.  I think about a woman that my husband met in Ecuador this summer.  She was very old, weak, sick and couldn’t get out of bed.  Most would assume that she’d be discouraged and hopeless at the inevitability of her mortality,  but Steve said that when she prayed she the atmosphere of the room changed and her face lit up.   Her soul had purpose and meaning beyond her ability to get out of bed and it blessed the men in a way that they won’t soon forget.  That’s a healthy soul.

As you continue on your journey to be healthy and beautiful I hope you will consider the health of your soul.  I also hope you don’t forget the health of the souls around you. A large part of being beautiful is how you treat other people.  Remember that people around you are often struggling on this journey.  I don’t care what our culture says,  being rude is not cool and being arrogant is not admirable.  Humble yourself to think about how your words will affect people.  Encourage the beauty in those around you.  Help others along the way and stop worrying so much about what Vogue  says is beautiful.Audrey-Hepburn_A-Life-in-Full-Circle_HD_768x432-16x91

Most things can be summed up with one of the colloquialisms I often heard my Nannie say and  I think we can wrap this whole thing up with one of her favorites.  I hope you keep it close to your heart.

Pretty is as pretty does.

And there we have it.  Keep it beautiful people.


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