Move It Till You Sweat

IMG_0020As far as I’m concerned, the best thing that could happen to Americans would be if we shifted our thinking from how we look to how we take care of ourselves.    The amazing part of being healthy is that our bodies usually follow suit and heal themselves when we provide what they need.

Let’s talk about one aspect of being  healthy: movement.  I’d venture to guess that most people, if they were to keep track of their day, would find that they’re sitting the majority of the time whether in front of a computer, watching TV or driving.  Our lifestyles have drastically changed in the last 150 years  and it’s obvious that it hasn’t been for the best in regards to our health.  We are more overweight than ever and suffer from many diseases that were once extremely rare. In fact,  many corporations are beginning to understand the importance of exercise and it’s effect on productivity as well as on the cost of health care.  There are some great companies out there that encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees but the central focus of most is simply to get people moving.

We were created to move.  We were created to work.  We were created to manage this world with wisdom and strength which, for the majority of history, included tirelessly toiling the ground for most people.   My grandparents were farmers and they didn’t stop moving from sunrise to sunset.  I’m not talking about an enjoyable “meandering” day of movement but purposeful and challenging movement.  Plowing, lifting, carrying, scrubbing, chopping and the like. (We’re talking a day of sweat when you live in Louisiana or Texas.)  In our day and time it’s hard to find one hour a day for exercise much less an hour in which you can really get your heart rate up and your sweat on but it’s vital for our bodies.  It’s also extremely helpful in fighting depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia  and many other issues.  In fact,  it’s not been uncommon  to hear my husband say “Why don’t you just go for a run” when I’m stressed out or being short with people.  It’s a scientific fact that our bodies release endorphins when we exercise and that these endorphins make us feel good.  We may dread a workout  and we may hate everyone during it, but most people feel better when they’re done. I think that’s God’s reminder that we were created to move.  I also think it’s His encouragement that our bodies respond to movement in a way that changes us  for the better whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, having more endurance or relieving chronic pain.older woman running

So,  I challenge you to start today. It doesn’t matter what you do but do something that pushes you and makes you work.  Take a walk or a run,   look up a 10 minute HIT workout online, do some strength building yoga, lift heavy stuff, jump rope for 15 minutes or (my recent favorite) try a CrossFit class.  Just start moving and keep it up. Everyday. Then, keep it up again next week.

Your body will respond and you’ll enjoy how you feel once you get past the initial stage of making this a lifestyle.  You’re worth it!  Invest in your happiness and your health. The computer and TV will still be there when you’re done,  but you might decide they aren’t nearly as much fun as a a bike ride with your kids.

See you soon to talk about the most important part of our health: Food.


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