What Nicki Minaj Might Teach Us About Beauty

dove2So, about this Nicki Minaj vs VMA thing…

To be honest,   she sounds like a spoiled kid that lost a soccer tournament but throws a fit because she wants a trophy anyway.  BUT, there is one issue that I agree with her on.  (I’m not saying this is why she didn’t get a nomination for an award,  but it is an issue). And that issue is that we, as a society, still hold to the standard that tall and slender is the mark of beauty for all women. Really? Intellectually we all can look around and realize that we’re all created in very unique and special ways.  Personally,  I think beauty has more to do with the heart and one’s outlook on life than with the appearance of their body, but let’s just deal with this body image thing for a second.

I have to admit that my mom and dad are in their 80’s and have been active, athletic and on the thin side their entire lives,  so I haven’t had the struggle that a curvy woman might have had growing up.  But,  I don’t think that excludes me from knowing how it feels to be “less than” the standard.  I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and loved “Charlie’s Angels” and Farrah Fawcett.  It didn’t take much to look in the mirror and see that I was on the shorter side,  my chest looked more like my brother’s than hers and that my rear end was basically an extension of my back that extended to my thighs.  My hair didn’t “wing” the way hers did, my teeth were crooked and my waist measurement was (almost) an inch smaller than my hips.  Let’s just say “curvy” wasn’t in my job description.  I’m just saying  that most of us are guilty of comparing ourselves with societies standard of “beauty” and falling short. On this point, Nicki and I agree.

That’s just idiotic!

The beauty of God’s creation is found in it’s diversity and creativity. This beauty in diversity should extend to people as well.  We’re all different and we all have beauty, value and purpose.   The push back that we are seeing in our society by women that are considered “plus size” is actually healthy and refreshing to me.  I’m glad that girls have roll models of all shapes, sizes and colors in the 21st century.  But there’s usually a down side to a reactionary response and this is no exception.

In the interest of making a point and encouraging women to find the beauty in their uniqueness,  I hope that we aren’t enabling certain bad behaviors both on the skinny side and the curvy side.  If I had my way, the conversation would no longer be about size as much as health.

A person would have to be delusional not to acknowledge the scientific fact  that both anorexia and obesity have deadly consequences for people.  It’s also quit clear that America is arguably the most overweight nation on earth and has some of the highest death rates for preventable diseases as well.  Apparently, neither the typical standard of the extremely thin woman nor the reactionary standard that I’ve seen of obese women are doing us much good when it comes to our health.  So, what can we do?

Let’s live the way we were created to live and pursue health above everything else.

I’ll be posting a series of short blogs on these three health related issues that, I believe, should be our focus rather than the size that we wear.    Movement, diet and spiritual/mental health.

We may  find that when we focus on these four issues, our bodies  naturally fall in line and find the place where we are the most at peace with ourselves.  A woman at peace with herself who is healthy, strong and capable of living out her God created purpose with passion is, to me,  the most beautiful creature in the world.


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