spring beauty It’s said that man grows numb to beauty.

That he gazes upon the eternal long enough to become dead to it.

Staring blindly at the very things that once thrilled his soul and caused his heart to cry out in gratefulness.

But numbness rarely comes without a reason.  We are created to wonder, to love, to dream.  We are created to strive for heaven and to recognize the rare things in life that are love letters from God.  But, we are also infected.  Riddled with the disease of distraction.

We can easily be drawn away from the brightness of beauty by a glimpse of something that’s dull. Something different.   Our hearts are turned from the greater to the lesser.  Not because it adds joy to our life but because we passively forget to fight for our joy.

The clamor and busyness of life simply causes us to stop gazing.

To stop thinking.

To stop thanking.

Man doesn’t grow numb. Man grows busy.

Too busy to see.

Too busy to appreciate.

Too busy to count his blessings.

To realize the beauty around him because he can see nothing more than the counterfeit toys that he has grabbed in hopes of filling his soul with the joy that only comes with what he has lost.

The beauty of the sky.

The wonder of a bird in flight.

The awe of the ocean.

The touch of a lover that is so soul satisfying that it causes the heart to ache.

The laugh of a child.

The majesty of a mountain.

The delicate detail of a flower.

The wonder of breath…of life…of love.

The wind on the skin, music in the air and friendship that is confident in silence.

No, man doesn’t grow numb to beauty.  We choose to trade it for lesser things. 2014-05-11 12.33.31

But it’s always there, waiting…and wanting to be seen.


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