A Dizzy Caveman

(My Caveman and his baby girl)

Honestly,  I rebel against “diets” and the newest nutritional fads.  If we listened to all the studies floating around we wouldn’t  eat anything but broccoli and water.  Then again,  the broccoli would probably kill us because of acid rain – at least according to someone.  Trying to find a healthy, affordable and balanced way to eat is a pretty tricky deal these days and, truthfully,  something most of us just avoid or ignore.   I know I did until recently.  Sure,  we avoided most  fried foods and tried to eat a few veggies a day but I can’t say that I gave our nutrition much thought. That is until I realized that my husband is  a dizzy blond. Well,  a dizzy brunette but that’s really beside the point because he says he’s losing his hair anyway. I say he’s hot, bald or not.  But the dizziness…that’s not so hot.

He called me last week because no one else was at the office and  he was on the couch, unable to stand.  A few days later he was getting an allergy shot when the dizzy spell  hit again.  The nurse found him a bed and told him the doctor would check on him soon.  The diagnosis?  Menier’s Disease.  I had attributed his loss of hearing to the loud rock music that he’s listened to for decades but it turns out there might be an actual reason that doesn’t have to do with blowing your car speakers.  All this to say that we now have a new goal of finding all the low sodium meals available at our favorite restaurants.  If you haven’t been paying attention to that, I’ll just say that there aren’t any.  And the grocery store isn’t much better.

After your 40th birthday you will probably realize, as we did,  that nothing works the same as it use to.  Not your  joints, your muscles, your brain or  your metabolism.  About a year ago, one of our favorite people asked us if we had tried the “Paleo”  diet because it supposedly helped with lots of the ailments that we often mentioned to her. (She owns the local health food store and goes to church with us so we ask her LOTS of questions.)  I laughed  and said, “No way.  I’m addicted to bread and I won’t ever do it.” She smiled and said, “I give you a year before you try it.”  That girl is such a smarty pants. (She really  is and you can find her blog address below. She’s a wonderful writer and I think you’ll love it.)  About 6 months ago we eased into some Paleo ideas here and there. Funny thing is that we saw some improvements.  Then I started baking  a few things with Paleo ingredients  to see if I could stand them. I mean, if I couldn’t have some form of bread, pie, cake or pizza all bets were off.  Turns out, it wasn’t half bad and we started enjoying things more.  Our taste buds changed and we noticed  that we loved vegetables that use to make us want to puke.  I knew something good was happening when my husband ate spinach….and liked it!!! So we followed the “Paleo Way” on and off for a few months.

About a week before the dizzy spells started, we not only fell off the wagon,  we jumped off the wagon.  I’m not saying this caused the dizziness because I think Steve has probably been dealing with a mild form of this problem for a while,  but I do think our food choices aggravated the symptoms.  Now that we have a mission to look at our food and find out exactly what’s in it, I’m  shocked at how blind we have been.   I always knew fast food and convenience wasn’t the best choice for my family, but it was the easiest – and I took it.  I’m sure I’ll take it again in the future but not nearly as often and with much more attention paid to what I order. Like I said,  I rebel against fads so I don’t expect that I’ll ever be a full-on, 100% Paleo person but I have learned a lot from it. The most important thing to me is that eating as many whole foods as we can is vitally important.  I can’t think of any  processed foods that are highly nutritional.  Additives, preservatives and chemicals don’t enhance our health but fruits, vegetables,  protein and water do.  There are a few other things I really like about Paleo….certain fats are encouraged, red wine is okay, eating a lot and not counting calories is fine, honey and maple syrup go with everything and, wait for it……BACON IS GOOD.  Lots of people can’t fathom giving up grains, which was my biggest hang up,  but I’ve found that my body responded really well to that change.  So,  we’re jumping back on the bandwagon  to see how it effects my  cute but dizzy hubby.

I’m grateful for this life that I’ve been given and would like to enjoy it for as long as possible.  I’d also like to take care of my family as best as I can.  Everyone’s different and  Paleo may not work for you,  but I encourage you to find what does.  Pay attention to the things you eat and what’s in them.  Count the amount of sugar and salt that your eating.  It’s in everything.  If you never seem to feel satisfied or full, you might be eating the wrong things for your body.  Google some new recipes and try them out for a week.  Drink water all day long.  Be proactive in keeping yourself healthy.  After all, there’s only one of you in the world and that makes you priceless.

Suggested blog  http://smalltownpaleo.blogspot.com/

Paleo information/cookbook  Practical Paleo  by Diane Sanfilippo



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