Fitness Choices

“You work out, don’t you?” asked the woman standing in line  as I tried on some shoes.   I don’t know why that type of thing always makes me uncomfortable.  Maybe because I know the judgement that comes along with being overweight and I don’t want someone to assume I hold to those judgements.  As stupid as  it sounds,  I find myself wanting to say, “Don’t hate me because I’m thin.”  Instead,  I usually have a pleasant conversation which includes the fact that I have great genes from my parents and that my family throws me out of the house if I don’t work out.  It really is a stress relief for me and I feel and act much better if I stay in shape.  (I would venture to say that is true for everyone. Fortunately, I just enjoy the process.)  Anyway,  back to the story.  This woman seemed really genuine, sweet and confident.  It was refreshing to hear her say that she works out every week but doesn’t want to stop eating.  She was honest and seemed to be content with the result.   She knew she didn’t work out enough and that she didn’t eat in a way that would reach the fitness standard that she dreamed of.  Choices and results.  That’s what we all deal with.

One of the hardest parts of passing the 40 mark is what it does to your body and metabolism.  It’s not a myth.  EVERYTHING changes.  What we did when we were in our 20s and 30s just won’t garner the same results.  On top of that, once we hit 40 we have pretty much gotten to the point where we don’t feel the need to please other people.  We do what we darn well want to do whether it’s enjoy a glass of wine, sit and read a book all afternoon or have dessert for dinner.  I love that  attitude of confidence.  However,  the laws of nature are still the same and our bodies need more, not less,  attention as we age.  The heart, lungs, arteries and internal organs may be confident, but they need to be healthy.

So here is the bad news.  After a certain age,  in order to achieve the same results we are use to, we  have to put in more effort.  The good news?  After a certain age (ideally) we are stronger, more confident and able to ask for help and stubborn enough to reach any goal we set our minds to.   If health is what’s most important to you, your fitness routine will look differently than if your goal is to wear a bikini,  run a 10K or lose 20 pounds.  Just like the lady I met at the department store,  if something isn’t working you will need to adjust what you are eating, how much or how hard you are working out and how much time you devout to your goal.  Change it up.  If you normally walk try to add more running.  If you normally run think about riding a bike.  If you haven’t lifted weights,  learn how.  And if you don’t know what it’s like to sweat so much that you feel like you might throw up….your missing out.  🙂

I will post more pointers in the future but if you have questions about getting on track,  just comment.  If you haven’t started to take care of your body I would encourage you to see your doctor and start an exercise program as soon as possible.  It may be hard to get started but the benefits are endless.  Imagine what changes you would like to see in 3 months and go far them….one choice at a time.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Choices

  1. Sort of fell off the planet a few years ago. Decided to jump back into to everything and saw this Comment. I hope you made that 5k, Lo the Phoenix. It’s been a while, and it seems a little past the point of commenting, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep going. One step at a time, and take care of yourself. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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