From The Top…


Let’s take it from the top.  I woke this morning to a daughter that couldn’t keep her eyes open.  She wasn’t tired but suddenly seemed to have the eyes of a vampire.  Tears ran down her face as she got ready for school because…yes…she didn’t want to miss another day.  Needless to say,  the drive to school was miserable for her and she decided it would be  awkward to have me lead her down the hallway to class so we called the doctor and waited for an appointment.  When we got home, my other daughter looked and sounded terrible.  She’s been exhausted for weeks but I kinda wrote it off due to the fact that she’s a senior and SHE DOESN’T SLEEP!  But as I looked into those pitiful eyes,  I decided to call another doctor and have her checked for strep or mono.  Of course,  the appointments ended up being within 15 minutes of one another so I did what any mature 40 (something) year old woman would do.   I called my mommy.  She graciously agreed to ride with me to the eye doctor so that she could stay there with daughter number three while I ran across the street to the other doctor’s office to meet daughter number two.  As I got off the phone I realized my dogs had been outside for quite a while but when I went to let them in,  the dumb one had run off so I took off to find her while calling a different eye doctor on the off chance that we could get in earlier.  After all, daughter number three still hadn’t been able to open her eyes for more than a few seconds at a time.  Just as I found “stupid dog” in the creek, I was told I could bring her in (the daughter, not the dog)  if I could get there within 10 minutes.  So…I picked up “stupid”, ran to the house, put on some shoes, grabbed blind daughter number three and some mascara, kissed sick daughter number two goodbye and made it  to the doctor’s office just in time.  In the waiting room I had to call and cancel with our regular doctor and because I am a freakishly guilty person, I didn’t tell them why.  It might hurt their feelings ya know.  Called mom.  Told her the scheduling got worked out.  Saw the doctor. Got some eye drops. Found out we needed new contacts.  Called our regular doctor back to make an appointment.  Was told she couldn’t have an exam with an infection.  Felt guilty.  Asked to make the appointment anyway because I thought it would be better.  (Yes….I am pathetic).   Turned in the prescription. Got daughter number three some lunch then dropped her off at school.  Went to pick up the prescription which she was suppose to use every two hours.  Found out how much it was.  Had a mild heart attack.  Took it back to the school.  Signed out daughter number two.  Went to the other doctor.  Waited for the strep test.  Had to help calm my poor “mini-me” as she gave blood for the first time (as a senior).  (Which by the way was weird that it freaked her out so much.  She’s only had something like 134 stitches in her lifetime.)  Yep….strep.  Another prescription. Dropped it off.  Went to get lunch number two. Took her to school to get her car. Sent her home. Went to work out.  Took out a little stress with the dumbells and chin-ups.  Got a call from daughter number two that we were out of ranch dressing.  Ran to Walmart.  Then the pharmacists.  Picked up prescription number two.  Didn’t have a heart attack this time. Back to the school to pick up “vampire eyes” daughter and friend.  Dropped the friend off.  Made it home. Picked up trash that the big dogs had pulled out all over the yard. Made dinner. Washed clothes. Helped with homework.  Dished out medicine. Folded clothes.  Paid bills.  Put the dogs out.  Chased “stupid” down again. Put the dishes up.  Washed another load of laundry. Tucked my sick little girls in bad.  Took a bath.  Sat down.

And then I took a breath…

and decided to recount the whole day for absolutely no one but me.  I don’t know that a single soul could make it through that boring list of details but I just finished laughing my way through the whole thing.  It’s not as if I don’t want to pull my hair out but, seriously –  some days are comedy, some days are a tragedy and some days are a mystery but even the boring days are full of love and, usually, laughter.   When I was a little girl I wanted to be a lot of things but number one on my  list was a mommy. Just look at me.  I’m living the dream.  I can hardly walk because that intense workout left me with a knee and an elbow that decided to revolt.  I can’t go to sleep because I just sat down at 10:30 and haven’t unwound.  I have a broken toe from kicking stupid across the yard…just kidding. Really,  I’m sick of laundry, I hate paying bills, cooking dinner stresses me out and I can’t figure out why I’m the only person in our house that knows how to feed dogs, water dogs, let dogs out, chase dogs down, clean up dog vomit or anything else dog related.  But, as my brother says, “It don’t matter”.   It’s worth it all.  Every crazy day.  Because I am  blessed.  If you’ve never heard Martina McBride’s song, “Blessed”, look it up. It’s a great way to look at life.  Even on the wild days.

By the way.  Did I mention that my husband went out of town at 4 am this morning?  With that considered, and the fact that we had no stitches or broken bones…I would have to say this was a very uneventful day. 🙂


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