Tree Hugging….It Ain’t So Bad

Did everyone see the president the other night as he tried to look like the “mature” adult in a three ring circus of selfish children?  The thought that politicians in Washington could find a middle ground is becoming less and less likely.  The Supreme Court should mandate that the entire governmental system  take the Dave Ramsey course; after all,  they seem to think they can rule everyone and everything anyway so why not do something productive.  Seriously,  it’s a mess.  I realize it isn’t as simple as I’d like to make it but I also think it isn’t as complicated as it has become.  Everyone has their pet issues and  everyone thinks theirs are the most important.  Why don’t we concentrate on the essentials?  National security (well there’s an issue that isn’t polarizing), education (save some money there if the national government would keep their nose out of our business) and the economy (uh…what to do….what to do).  Granted, there are many important issues out there but if we don’t get a grip on something now,  none of those issues will get attention in the future.

The thing that frustrates me is that the media and the government seem to think they know me.  They have so polarized America that everyone fits into one of two boxes and neither box is very attractive.  I’d like to think that I am more intelligent and more loving than they characterize me to be as a white, middle aged christian woman.  I have to admit that I hold to  a few fundamental beliefs that are based on my relationship with God but I understand that those on the other side of any issue usually have sincere intentions just as I do.  I may disagree but I don’t disdain.  But, I wish someone would realize that those issues don’t automatically mean that I follow the party line on every issue.  One of which is the environment.  Some might call me a tree-hugger but I don’t think I’ve ever hugged a tree in my life.  I have, for as long as I can remember, loved being outside and have always been awed by God’s creation.  Even as a small girl I would tattle on people that littered and wanted to help my parents and grandparents in the garden.  Something about the earth  has always been magical to me.  When I first read CS Lewis’ description of Aslan creating Narnia with a song (The Magician’s Nephew) it gave me chills because the tenderness and love behind the song was meant for me.  God created the world for man to enjoy (Is. 45:18) and for man to take care of (Gen. 2:15).  It’s our responsibility and God gives us the freedom to make good choices or bad.   I want to be on the side that pushes for good choices.  It’s so odd to me that Christians have been lumped in with those that don’t care about the environment.  We should be the ones that care the most.

I read a book last year that  expressed this conflict beautifully.  It’s called Saving God’s Green Earth and it’s by a pastor named Tri Robinson. The movement now has a website called and it’s full of helpful ideas.  Many Christians have found that this issue has built a bridge of understanding and allowed them to have relationships with people on “the other side” of the political wall.  That’s a good thing.  I’m all for breaking the stereotypes that have been created and helping people to see that even if we disagree on some things,  maybe even most things,  we can still care for one another.

So what do you think?


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