Tree Hugging….It Ain’t So Bad

Did everyone see the president the other night as he tried to look like the “mature” adult in a three ring circus of selfish children?  The thought that politicians in Washington could find a middle ground is becoming less and less likely.  The Supreme Court should mandate that the entire governmental system  take the Dave Ramsey course; after all,  they seem to think they can rule everyone and everything anyway so why not do something productive.  Seriously,  it’s a mess.  I realize it isn’t as simple as I’d like to make it but I also think it isn’t as complicated as it has become.  Everyone has their pet issues and  everyone thinks theirs are the most important.  Why don’t we concentrate on the essentials?  National security (well there’s an issue that isn’t polarizing), education (save some money there if the national government would keep their nose out of our business) and the economy (uh…what to do….what to do).  Granted, there are many important issues out there but if we don’t get a grip on something now,  none of those issues will get attention in the future. Continue reading


Wanderlust With a Purpose

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God” — William Carey

My 20 year old daughter is in Wyoming’s Wind River Range on a 40 day backpacking trip with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries.  There’s no phone service and sending or receiving letters is sporadic.   Carrying a 50 pound backpack on a 120 mile journey,  not taking a shower and dealing with rain and  mosquitos  for over a month leaves most people speechless as to why, exactly, she is doing this.  I’ve found that explaining the certifications she will receive,  the degree that she is getting, her love of adventure, the absolute beauty and peace of God’s creation,  the training that will enable her to lead groups to other areas of the world or the spiritual aspect of it all doesn’t seem to clarify anything.      Continue reading

The Front Porch Swing

I’ve been thinking about my grandparents lately.  Something about summertime stirs up memories of family reunions,   the shade of a huge oak tree and the sound of an old country house at night.  One of Mamaw and Papaw’s favorite places was  the swing on their front porch.  It seems like every time we drove into Belmont for a visit,  they were waiting on that swing.  Each evening we would gather on the front porch and the two of them would sway back and forth, side to side, on their personal wooden throne.  I can still hear the mesmerizing sound of the chain slowly moving. Continue reading

On A Serious Note

My little town is walking through a horrible tragedy.  Actually, tragedy may not be the right word because it implies that the event was accidental.  This event was horrific and intentional.  The brutal abuse and  murder of a 2 year old boy.  It really didn’t seem like it could be true,  but as I  looked into the faces of those that were first-responders on the scene  I knew that the unthinkable had come to our little community. Continue reading

Sound of Silence

My iPod died  the other day.  I was walking out the door for a run only to discover that I couldn’t turn it on.  The frustration spread from my toes to my head in a matter of seconds because I needed to get out of the house.  July and August in Texas can be described by a sign I saw on Facebook the other day.  “The devil called.  He wants his weather back.”   As for me,  I avoid hell at all costs which is why I had been holed up in my house for weeks.    It was a nice morning with some cloud cover and I was ready to enjoy my playlist and burn off some calories before Dante’s Inferno reappeared.   Alas,  no music.  I left the iPod on the counter and headed out anyway thinking I would think, pray and enjoy the scenery. Continue reading

The Music These Kids Listen To

I  love music.  Pretty much all music. Well… not so much heavy metal, but don’t hold that against me.  Occasionally I’ll torture my girls by making them listen to classic rock or songs from the 70’s but  I  think they like it more than they let on.  Sometimes I torture my husband with Neil Diamond.  I don’t think he ever likes that.

One thing that I love about music is how it touches my soul.  When nothing  else can break through whatever I’m hiding behind, music can. When I’m lost and down, it never fails that God will put the perfect song in my path.  Take today for instance. Continue reading